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The Kundalini Garden is a sacred space created within the community of Byfleet, Surrey.

Tucked away at the bottom of our family garden we teach ancient yogic practices which support and promote conscious living.

The studio is a sanctuary from the world outside. A comfortable, safe place for reflection and contemplation, as the truth of who you are unfolds around you within the silence and the sounds of nature.

The yogic practices we teach are thousands of years old and are for everyone.

Once secret, these practices are now available for all. Everyone is welcome and we are blessed with a wonderful community of students who support each other in a nurturing environment of self-discovery.

The studio’s unique set up allows for personal attention to be given to each person who visits, creating opportunities for discussion, deeper learning and sharing.

We provide mats, pillows and blankets. The space also benefits from air conditioning, so you are always guaranteed a pleasant environment to practice within.

Our teachers

Jonathan (Jonny) Hourihan

Jonathan is a humble and caring teacher. Passionate about sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga with everyone in a safe and conscientious way. 


There is no better place to develop consciously than to be part of the world but not of it, with this in mind Jonathan maintains a career outside of teaching, sharing practices with those who show interest and enjoying the opportunities for further growth being part of a community offers.

Jonathan has trained at I-sky with Guru Dharam and Darryl O Keefe. Together with Shiv Charan Singh in Kundalini Yoga and numerology.

Jonathan is trained in the art of playing the gong with Gong Master, Mark Swan. Jonathan is registered to teach yoga with Yoga Alliance Professionals. 

Ann-Marie Hourihan

Ann-Marie is a newly qualified teacher who is also a devoted yogini.


In addition, to the wider aspects of yoga, Ann-Marie has a special interest in yogic postures and lifestyle. Ann-Marie naturally excels in the physical aspects of asana and supports this with a firm belief in a balanced lifestyle approach.


Ann-Marie’s unique approach is one where one size does not fit all, and we must all search for our own answers with regards to lifestyle, food and exercise. 

Ann-Marie chose to follow the path of yoga 3 years ago after struggling with the stress of being a working Mum juggling all the elements of the household, children and work. The breathing techniques learnt from yoga has helped her to relax, uplift and strengthen her mind.

The mediation has helped calm her anxiety and help her remain positive and the posture work has helped with flexibility and strength.  

Ann-Marie’s aim is to help and empower other women to achieve an inner sense of calmness and peace. 

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a yoga of awareness or a technology of human consciousness. Taking us from the finite to the infinite.

It is classified as a Raj Yoga or Roya Yoga. This type of yoga was normally reserved for royalty or those in high places. However, as a society, we have now been blessed with the opportunity to have these yogic practices and tools at our fingertips.

The science of Kundalini Yoga includes the philosophy of the Ashtanga path of Yoga, as expounded by Pantajali.

A typical Kundalini Yoga class includes yogic postures, pranayama, meditation, mantra and relaxation. 

The classes are for all and we promote the ethos that we are the best we can be rather than comparing ourselves to others. 



The gong is an ancient instrument which has been used for many years to heal and transform on many levels.

Everything is one and all things can be affected by vibration (sound). The gong and its profound sound work on subtle planes of existence which can leads us into mystical states, provide answers, shift energetic blockages or simply relax us completely.

The sound of the gong takes us back to that primal space at the beginning of time, where we can merge with deep silence and the truth behind the world of form.

Every gong bath is a very personal experience for those attending. The experience changes with each gong bath, so each event is unique and special. 

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"This yoga for me is absolutely amazing, it helps with your posture, body and mind. It releases energy and that’s what I needed and it’s working. I have back pain and from doing the yoga it’s helped so much from doing a few simple exercises a day which I had no idea of. Thanks to Jonny I now love Monday evening sessions."

Pas - student

"Why I love Kundalini yoga? Is because it’s effective and works very fast. I’d recommend it to anyone who is short on time. Jonny is caring and experienced instructor his energy helps you bring your guards down and have a full hearted experience."

Alla - student

"Great gong bath experience. A beautiful space to have time out from the craziness of the world healing for mind and body. Thank you so much we will be back."

Naomi - student

"Powerful yoga focusing on the breath and meditation and mantra. Excellent class with deep meditation and gong bath at the end."

Sue - student

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